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For more than 4,000 years, China is a country that has been economically and culturally rich since the beginning of world civilization. China, with economic growth, is an example of the development and modernization of education in the current world.

China is Asia’s most popular country for education, and it has the world’s second largest number of top universities. Since 1995, the number of international students in China has almost tripled. More than half of international students from China come from other countries. One of the economic factors that attracts international educationists to China is the low cost of living and the availability of the scholarship, and the opportunity to study at the government and good quality universities. It is noted that the Chinese government provides honorarious scholarships for the students coming from other countries, each year equivalent to $ 300,000,000 for scholarships of international students. Besides, the rate of visa payment in China is high, so students do not have to be harassed unnecessarily.


At the University of China, two semesters, autumn and spring. But some higher education institutions have three semesters a year. However, the admission rate for these two semesters is very high.

  • Spring Semester: September- October
  • Autumn Semester: February-March

In the autumn session, the students of the Foundation Course and Spring session can be admitted to the Main Course. In September for the month of April, the application begins in the month of March and ends in June-July deadlines.

When to apply

  • Spring Semester’s app launches: At the end of May.
  •  Autom Semester’s app launches: from mid-October.

Facts about China

Not only Asia, China is recognized and well-respected in terms of education and economics across the world. China’s most interesting aspect of education is high education, scholarship opportunities and China’s peaceful social system.

Capital: Beijing

Country Name: People’s Republic of China

Head of government: Communist State

yatanah 9,596,960 sq km

Population: 1.357 billion

Population density of 145 / sq km

Currency: Renmini, Yuan

Country code: +86


English medium for international students in diploma and graduate program in English But IELTS or TOFEL is not mandatory to read in China. However, if the student has ILTS or TOFEL, he will get priority in admission or scholarship.

Apart from this, a student can complete Chinese language program (HSK-5) and study in Chinese language, and it is entirely student’s desire.

Tution fees

  • Graduate and Post Graduate Studies Full or Partial Free in most universities of China In the case of a private scholarship, the student can complete his study only by paying hostel fees.


    Apart from this, students must study at MBBS and Aeronautical Engineering at their own expense.

    • MBBS – Students of medical universities of China can achieve international standard medical education at a very low cost due to being top ranked university in the government and world rankings. There is no admission test to study MBBS. The cost here is much lower than any of the private medical colleges in Bangladesh. A student from China can finish MBBS study within 20-25 lakhs. It is not possible to do MBBS in any of the non-medical colleges in Bangladesh.
    • Aeronautical Engineering – In Bangladesh, there is very little chance of graduate or postgraduate reading in Aeronautical Engineering. There are opportunities to work in aeronautical engineering to work in different airlines in the country or abroad and there is a chance to study this topic at low cost in China. Owing to high demand for this profession, most jobs are available during the course of OJT (On-the-Job Training) before the completion of the course.
    • Engineering Studies – Higher Education in China, currently offering the highest scholarship in engineering. There are opportunities for full scholarship in graduate, postgraduate and PhD program. The education system of higher education institutions is very much like the institutions of Europe and America. Also, Chinese companies mainly focus on education, scientific research and practical matters. Because of which a student can complete her education from China and plan her career according to plan.


International students in China may be admitted to a number of courses. A student may be admitted to the diploma course in China by passing the SSC pass. Since China is a place of pilgrimage for higher education, students can study in full scholarship in their bachelor or master’s program and come here.

Popular programs in higher education in China are:

  • Language learning program
  • Diploma Program
  • Bachelor Program
  • Masters Program
  • MBBS programs and BDS programs
  • PhD program


Topics of study:

  • MBBS
  • Bachelor in Business Management
  • Bachelor in Computer Science
  • Bachelor in Software Engineering
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor in Pharmacy
  • Bachelor in Hotel Management
  • Food Science and Technology

Partime Jobs

  • A few years ago, students in China were prohibited from participating in part-time jobs, but currently in many provinces of China, part-time jobs can be made. Students can find part-time jobs in some areas depending on the language and language skills of the English language. However, the salary of China’s part-time job earnings is not very good, but it can be easily spent on the hands of a student. In case of job, they can join the children’s part time teachers or paid clubs of different clubs or translators as companies.


Living Expenses

The quality of living in China is very advanced which can attract a student. International students are required to stay at the university hostels. The hostel cost of one university is the same, but it is much like the hostel of our country. However, if the university wants to stay outside the campus, then the university will have to get permission. The cost of living of the Chairperson is similar to that of Bangladesh but the cost of provinces is different. The amount of this expense depends on the students who live in the province. However, the cost per month is not more than 4-5 thousand rupees, which is equal to the monthly expenditure of a student’s student.


Credit Transfer

There are several universities in China offering credit transfer facilities. In that case, the student can study for two years in China or any university in the US. Apart from the University of China, there are different programs in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, and Exchange Program and Cooporation Relationships. As a result, students can go to these universities for higher studies.


The Chinese government has provided various types of scholarships for education, so that meritorious students can take higher education at a very low cost in China. China has the opportunity to study in full scholarship for international students. China government is offering full scholarships for SC scholarships and monthly scholarships. Students can also study at university scholarships at a very low cost.

In China, scholarships are easily available because the students are more interested in going to China. Common scholarships of China are as follows

  • CSC Scholarship

This is a government scholarship in China. A student with CSC scholarship also receives monthly scholarships, including tuition fees and hostel fees. China government gives you 100% scholarship facility for post-graduate education. China government is offering 20,000-40,000 rupees per month with free housing system.

  • University scholarship

This is a university scholarship, which gives students interested in studying there. In most cases, flowers or personal scholarships are offered. In that case, the student will get full tuition fees and hostel fees or full tuition fees as scholarship. High School of Bangladesh, studying in this university scholarship in China. Many times scholarships are stapend and are available. However, there are good results + IELTS in the field.

  • Provincial Scholarship

This scholarship is different for different provinces.

Future Opportunity

There is a chance to complete a BBA or MBA from China or any other multinational company in the future. Apart from China, there are opportunities to internships in International and Multinational companies studying from China. Jobs in China’s own country are also preferred.

International engineering graduates are always preferred for foreign projects run by the government of China.

MBBS can be appointed / treated as a doctor in China, Bangladesh or any other country in the country from China Medical.

University Ranking

  • Top World Ranked Universities in China:


    University NameWorld Rank
    Peking University30
    Tsinghua University17
    Fudan University48
    University of Science and Technology China98
    Nanjing University122
    Sun Yat-Sen University295
    Harbin Institute of Technology285
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