Flexible Study Pathways

Students who wish to study in Canada may first attend a prerequisite or preparatory program to meet the entry requirements for their desired degree or diploma program. This is called a pathway program. Pathway programs bridge the gap between the qualifications from a student’s home country and the level needed to enter into a post-secondary institution in Canada. Many students opt to go to college first and earn a diploma before obtaining their Bachelor’s degree at a university. Sometimes, students switch from one program to another at the same school or even transfer to a different institution altogether as they discover new interests and strengths. It is also common for students to couple their Bachelor’s degree with a postgraduate diploma afterwards to gain more hands-on, industry-focused experience in their chosen field. Canadian post-secondary institutions share a strong relationship which makes it easy for students to transfer between different levels and types of education. In other words, courses completed at one institution are recognized by the other, thus ensuring that the student is not retaking similar courses.

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