Global Education

Global Education

Experience in an international setting is a marketable commodity. Many employers
seek the wide range of knowledge, adaptability and experience that international
students acquire by studying in the United States. Companies in the U.S. are
increasingly seeking to become a strong presence in the global marketplace. They
often look to hire employees who not only have multi-cultural language skills, but
those who can also help communicate, negotiate and conduct business across
different cultures

Support Services for International Students
Studying in the United States is a rewarding experience, but navigating your
way through day-to-day issues can be a challenge. Many international
students find that the college and university international student office is a
great resource when it comes to adapting to a culturally and academically
different environment. The mission of the international student office is to
assist students like you, and there is often a wide range of student services
that they provide.

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CEO Emon Khandakar

Emon Khandakar

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