Living in Australia

living in Australia

Australia has a standard of living that is amongst the highest in the world. Living expenses in Australia are considerably lower than in the United States and United Kingdom. International students are also able to work part time while they study, allowing them to offset their living costs. International students are required by Migration regulations in Australia to show evidence that they can contribute to the cost of living and studying in Australia, in order to ensure that students are able to make the most of their studies and have a safe and enjoyable experience in Australia. Although students can supplement their income with money earned through part-time work in Australia, the “living costs” requirement ensures that they don’t have to rely on this work to satisfy all of their expenses. Under the Migration regulations, prospective students visa applicants and their family members must have access to the following funds in order to meet the living costs requirements:

A$18,610 a year for the main student;

A$6,515 a year for the student’s partner;

A$3,720 a year for the student’s first child; and

A$2,790 a year for every other child.

Prospective students must demonstrate that the funds upon which they are relying will be genuinely available to them while they are in Australia. Cost of living can vary depending on where a student lives in Australia, so prospective students should be prepared in case his or her living costs are

Group of Eight

The Group of Eight (Go8) is a coalition of Australia’s leading research universities. Go8 universities are distinguished by the intensity and breadth of the research they perform, the research-informed nature of the education they offer, and the leadership they bring to community consideration of complex issues.

1. University of Melbourne, WR: 32

2. Australian National University, WR: 49

3. University of Sydney, WR: 59

4. The University of Queensland, WR:69

5. Monash University, WR: 84

6. The University of New South Wales, WR: 96

7. The University of Western Australia, WR: 134

8. The University of Adelaide, WR: 135

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