Study Permit & Visa, PGWP & PR

Study Permit & Visa

Study Permit & Visa
Students can apply for their study permit once they have received an offer of admission and paid their tuition deposit. Applications can be submitted on line; however, paper applications are also available and can be submitted at the Visa Application Centers (VACs) or to the Canadian Consulate’s Office in the student’s home country.

As part of the application, students need to provide:

A letter outlining why they want to study in Canada. Documentation which demonstrates that they have the financial means to support themselves and their education in Canada.

Post-Graduation Work Permit and Permanent Residence

Canada has programs designed to help international students gain Canadian work experience after graduation and if they wish, subsequently transition to permanent residency and eventually citizenship. A Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), for example, lets students who have graduated from a 2+ year PGWP-eligible program stay and work in Canada for up to three years. Students can also use this work experience to qualify for permanent residency in Canada.

The post-graduation work permit (PGWP) allows students who have graduated from eligible programs at designated learning institutions (DLls) to gain valuable Canadian work experience. Students graduating from a 2+ year PGWP-eligible academic program can work up to three years following their period for study. Students in an 8-month to 2-year program can obtain a PGWP that is valid for up to the same length as their study program. For example, if a student completed a 9-month program, a work permit may be issued for up to 9-months. Students in a program that is less than 8-months in duration are not eligible for PGWP .. International students can use their Canadian work experience to qualify for permanent residence. In fact, 40% of all economic-class immigrants accepted by the federal government are international students who have graduated and who want to stay in Canada.

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