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For over 12 years our dream has also been yours. to explore, to know, to grow. “Scholars Zone helps you succeed in Canadian schools. With 1000+ admissions, we are your experts for top schools, colleges, and universities. Choose us for school success.”

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Counseling on foreign University or School admission  and visa processing. Our main forte is admission on Canadian Schools for Grade 1 to 12 students.

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“Amazing experience at Scholars Zone! The service is always quick and the staff are so kind and attentive!”

- Tarfi

Zahara IslamZahara Islam
07:24 12 Mar 21
Went there for my child’s schooling program in Canada. They clarify me each and every details related to this program including the genuine & helpful suggestions for my betterment. The counselor I talked with is very helpful, friendly as well as knowledgeable. In fact talked with the CEO despite of his busy schedule.Overall, they are very good in their field. Highly recommend them.And all the very best for the company’s success.
Prottay MzProttay Mz
12:39 09 Mar 21
. If you are looking for someone to guide you through the process of finding the right school in Canada as well as the options regarding financial aid; I highly recommend scholars zone. They are very committed to help students getting to the Canada’s best schools along with their parents. They guided me through the whole process. From choosing the program, to looking for scholarships, till the day my family got accepted by the embassy. They are very professional an has a lot of experience and know just the right areas to work on when it comes to every aspect of applying to schooling programs. They have got some excellent consultant as well as a great reputation. They are always having both great advice and the best attitude.
Asif KhanAsif Khan
11:25 09 Mar 21
I am very thankful to have gotten support from Scholars zone especially in times of uncertainty, when it most seemed that my attempts were going nowhere. They say there is always light at the end of the tunnel and sometimes it is the collaboration and support of people with our best interests at heart which pushes us through it. Similarly, you can count on Scholars zone to guide you through all the steps of the application process up until you find what you were looking for. Moreover, you can also count on them giving you good criticism, pointing you to the areas he believes you could improve upon. Thus, I completely recommend their services.
Maruf HasanMaruf Hasan
10:35 09 Mar 21
Thanks to Scholars zone for the wonderful support they gave me. Admission, visa processing and accommodation all in one for my family. Scholar zone is just not only an education consultant firm, they are all rounder for studying abroad support. I would recommend choosing Scholars zone Education Consultant as your next step for your kid’s future.
Sadman RazzakSadman Razzak
06:35 08 Mar 21
Wonderful service . Anyone can blindly trust on them without any apprehension.They kept on updating us all the time. I am really happy with their behaviour and service at the same time. The CEO himself including all the employees, stuffs are super friendly, helpful and supportive. A heartfelt thanks to ‘Scholars Zone’ for turning the commitment into reality. I am now studying in Canada through Scholars Zone.

“The counsellors at Scholars Zone are top-notch! I’ve had problems with my documentation, but they examined my papers and devised a plan to get admit!”

- Agnik