Study Abroad From Bangladesh

Study Abroad from Bangladesh


Scholars Zone can provide wings to your dreams and make them possible in the real world with the list of below-mentioned services


Career Counseling

Over the years, we have developed a strategy that has produced positive results in helping students to make educational, career, and life decisions.


School, College & University Selection Guidance

Our expert counselors help students to select universities and colleges that best suit their personal, academic, financial, and other parameters.


Admission Guidance

We provide you with the right guidance and all the information needed towards successful completion of gaining admission into any desired institute.

Entrance Exam Guidance

We provide incomparable training in IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT, SAT and ACT test preparation in more than 50+ partnered branches across India.

Student Visa Guidance

We ensure students navigate through the entire process safe and secure; by helping them overcome about 99% of the whole process that is confusing.

Pre- Departure Guidance

Studying abroad is accompanied by tons of challenges and rewards; as to this effect, we set up a pre-departure event to make this easy for Indian students.

Post Arrival Guidance

Our professional agents will find your accommodation near the study area. We find your accommodation according to your needs and budget.


Part-Time Job Assistance

It is absolutely normal to pause and ponder about most of the price tag that is associated with certain academic degrees when you intend to study abroad.

Throughout Graduation Assistance

but we lend our support to you during your graduation period and even after your graduation.



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CEO Emon Khandakar

Emon Khandakar

we strive to facilitate excellent educational options for the personal growth and career fulfillment of students aspiring to study abroad. Our passion to match the right student to the right academic program at the right institution has helped us to amass over 11 years of successful stories in international education consulting business.